Meet Mr. Danfo

Lagos based Multi-Media artist who engages local art forms, contemporary designs, and popular culture.

Born 1991 in Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos-based multimedia artist Seidougha Linus Eyimiegha (Mr. Danfo) recounts influences from his childhood that reflect in his artistic practice today. Of his practice, he said, “I used to mimic the conductors I see at Ajangbadi bus stop who usually yelled at the top of their voices ‘Okoko, Iyana-Iba, Volks’. In that dramatic period of my life, I would hold anything within arm’s length to demonstrate my conductor role since I could not hold a real Danfo. Little did I know that 20 years after, I would still express the influence of Danfo in my art practice.’’

Mr. Danfo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Delta State University, where he specialized in painting. His work engages local art forms, contemporary designs, and popular culture. He re-enacts stories from all of these in his paintings, utilizing divergent colours and geometric shapes in minimalist style, or through graphic designs and installations.


Portraits of Public Figures in Lagos


Installation View from my Solo Exhibition at Alliance Française de Lagos

Young Contemporaries 2023


Installation View at Rele Gallery,

Floor One 9


Installation View from Floor One 9 at Art Twenty One, Lagos

Contact | +234 803 2144 657

+234 803 2144 657