Portraits of Public Figures in Lagos


Exhibition Text by Alliance Française Lagos Mr. Danfo (Seidougha Linus Eyimiegha) is a visual artist who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. Influenced by his childhood memories, Mr. Danfo’s abstract paintings capture the busy and daily-life struggles of Lagos. The iconic Lagos mini commercial bus, also known as ‘Danfo’ is the base of his geometric […]

Young Contemporaries 2023


Mr. Danfo’s body of work at the 2023 Rele Young Contemporaries addresses one of his major concerns as a frequent road user, which is, the role of traffic signs in our day-to-day commute. Having studied various traffic signs and how countries around the world have all designed theirs to ensure the safety of their citizens, he has been able to pick unifying elements […]

Floor One 9


Floor One 9 – a project designed by Caline Chagoury is a creative expression intended to showcase the powerful relationship between contemporary art and design while celebrating the incredible talent, resources, an creative minds stemming from Africa.    Launched in October 2019, the First Edition of Floor One 9 features a mix of artists, designers, and […]